What To Bring To Your Appointment

  • if you can, please bring a drape to cover yourself during the treatment. I recommend a single flat sheet, an extra large towel, or a thin fleece blanket. It just needs to be large enough to cover you fully and soft enough for me to fold back to uncover the areas I will be working on. Your sheets, towels, and blankets may get a little marked from the massage oils used.  You may choose to designate specific items as your massage kit
  • for a Remedial & Sports Massage Postural Assessment please bring a pair of shorts or loose fitting trousers that roll up above the knee. And, a vest-top for female if you are not happy to undress to your underwear
  • bring any PPE you feel that you may need to use for any massage practice we do. Surgical type IIR masks are now optional for clients and practitioners during treatment.
  • for added comfort if you do not want couch roll you are welcome to bring a single fitted sheet to put underneath you

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