Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage draws techniques from many traditions and can support you through stressful times, physical pain and emotional issues. I work holistically, with the idea that the body, mind and spirit are connected; providing you with an integrated and flowing massage.

I have the ability to adapt and respond to the unique needs, physical characteristics and personality of each of my clients and customise their treatment accordingly. I do not follow a rigid routine and I am able to provide a unique massage each visit to suit how you feel, which may well be slightly different each time.

Varying the depth, speed and intention I can provide a stronger or lighter touch depending on what you need and prefer. We can do a Deep Tissue Massage or we can ease tension with a lighter holistic touch. This work can be done through clothes, with oil on skin or even sitting in a chair. It is a different and powerful experience every time!

By a creative process guided by sensitivity, awareness, and professionalism my work includes deep tissue, stretching, body rocking, passive joint mobilization, gentle hand holds, percussive techniques, breath work, side lying and deep relaxation. By a creative process guided by sensitivity, awareness, and professionalism I combine with presence and responsiveness during the treatment.

Massage is most beneficial when it becomes a regular part of your wellbeing routine allowing us to work together to explore and discover what works best for you session by session. At the end of a treatment I may give you homecare advice. Sometimes massage can be use to complement other treatments like acupuncture, counselling, chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy or psychotherapy.

Please call me on 07525 758 969 or contact me now via this website for further details and discuss your requirements.

Some situations you might bring to a massage session:

  • Want to feel looser as feeling tight and sore
  • Are experiencing pain or discomfort
  • Have been training very hard
  • Feeling stressed at work and want time to relax and slow down
  • Cannot sleep properly
  • Want to feel cared for and supported
  • Going through a challenging time

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