What to bring / On the day

What to bring

  • if you can, please bring a drape to cover yourself during the treatment. I recommend a single flat sheet, an extra large towel, or a thin fleece blanket. It just needs to be large enough to cover you fully and soft enough for me to fold back to uncover the areas I will be working on. Your sheets, towels, and blankets may get a little marked from the massage oils used.  You may choose to designate specific items as your massage kit.
  • for a Remedial & Sports Massage Postural Assessment please bring a pair of shorts or loose-fitting trousers that roll up above the knee. And, an optional vest-top for females if you are not happy to undress to your underwear.
  • bring any PPE you feel that you may need to use for any massage practice we do. Surgical-type IIR masks are now optional for clients and practitioners during treatment.

On the day

When you arrive at number 10 Picton Street ring the buzzer with my name.

Please don’t arrive more than 3 min early as I may be with another client or preparing the room and there isn’t a waiting room.

When you enter the building, go up the first flight of stairs. On the next staircase walk two floors down to the lower ground floor. If you are new to the building, I will walk towards you to meet you and show you the way to the therapy room.

  • 1st floor down/ground floor – toilets on the right at the end of the corridor
  • 2nd floor down/lower ground floor – therapy room

When on the lower ground floor please leave your shoes on the shoe rack before entering the room and let’s only speak when inside the therapy room as there might be a session running in the opposite room.

Payment by bank transfer before the appointment or by cash on the day.

For parking and other information visit FAQs. Find out a little more about my work by visiting I Specialise In. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

I look forward to seeing you then!

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