Table Top Thai Massage

The origins of Thai Massage are believed to date back around 2,500 years.

Many of the techniques used in the ancient healing art of  Traditional Thai Massage can be used on the massage table.

Thai Massage pays attention to joints, muscles, and fascia. As well as reducing muscle and joint pain and stiffness, Thai Massage techniques may also improve flexibility and mobility.

As a result, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, which means all body systems respond positively – there is an improvement in digestion, autoimmune system work better, positive neurotransmitters like serotonin are released, and a general feeling of well-being prevails.

What to expect

  • 60 min apointment / full-body session
  • The session is done fully clothed without any oils
  • Please bring comfortable loose clothes for the treatment
  • We will be working on prone and supine positions
  • Thai massage has a great deal of therapist-assisted stretching in it. The stretches will be within your movement range
  • You will leave the session feeling relaxed, balanced, and invigorated!



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