What clients say about me…


I have been going to Sandra for years and always come away feeling that I have a brand new body. Highly recommended!.”

Callum Gillon | Google Review


“After a serious and painful muscle strain in my lower back, Sandra did a very thorough investigation and provided excellent massage therapy. I was in a lot of pain and she really helped by freeing up all the muscles around the injury and giving really good advice to help me through the recovery period and prevent me from accidentally antagonising the injury.”

Starskyloog | Google Review


“Very professional and thorough. Great advice and tips.”

Matt Davids | Google Review


“I absolutely loved my massage with Sandra, I felt completely comfortable and relaxed the whole time and came away feeling so much better. She really took the time to get to know my needs and then tailored the massage to that. I would highly recommend her to anyone, thank you so much Sandra!”

Sophie Thomas | Google Review


“Sandra is a fantastic therapist. She really takes the time to understanding what you need specifically from each session. She also gives you great guidance around stretches and exercises to be doing between sessions. Very highly recommend.”

Angus Donnan | Google Review


“I’m here to tell you all that SANDRA IS AMAZING!!! She has an incredible skill set to tackle the issues in your tissues – I HIGHLY recommend you give your body the attention it deserves and book an appointment with her ASAP!”

Lumina Kemp | Google Review


“Hello everyone, I utilised the massage services by Ms. Sandra Alonso, while I was studying at the University of Bristol. I had a lot of muscle and joint ache, due to sitting for long hours, staring at the laptop, for my studies. The situation worsened during the dissertation, where I had no choice but to manage the work, despite the agonising pain.

This is when I search for a professional masseur started. I found several of them in Bristol. But most were highly priced and commercial. Sandra stood out for several factors, she allowed me to pay as per my capacity, considering that I was a student.

She is adept at her work, with professional knowledge, accumulated through years of studies and apprenticeships under expert masters. She is fully knowledgeable about the human body-mind connection and has a deep understanding of sinews, tissues, muscles, ligaments, joints, bones, and the nervous system.

She provides complete attention to the needs of the clients and accordingly tailors her strokes and services. She is patient and a good listener. I had a lot of pain in my toes, heels, and foot soles, she used a special massage stick to relax them.

I strongly recommend her services to one and all. Thank you so much, Sandra, for your empathetic approach.”

Siddharth Bose | Google Review


“I have been treated by Sandra for about 10 years and I highly recommend! Excellent professional.”

Javier Tamayo | Google Review


“Sandra’s massages are absolutely incredible! I first came to her with severe tension headaches due to tension in my neck. After the massage I felt so much better. Thank you so much!”

Laurali Wig | Google Review


“Sandra is easily the most skilled and kind massage therapist I’ve ever had. Her massages are effective and I’ve seen huge improvements in wellbeing, pain management, and physical strength.

I’ve had Long Covid for over two years, and the muscle spasms and weakness had made it impossible to make progress with physical recovery. With Sandra’s help, I’ve managed to join a gym and build up muscle strength, supporting me in recovering in other areas.

Unlike other practitioners, some of whom focus on very harsh massage that doesn’t fix the underlying issues or else rely too heavily on spiritual stuff for my taste, Sandra strikes the perfect balance. Her massages are comfortable and her advice is really helpful and addresses the mental side of muscular issues in a way that is often neglected.

10/10 would highly recommend!”

Louis Newton | Google Review


“Very professional. Good therapeutic massage but also helpful advice. Will book again.”

Simon Tucker | Google Review


“I highly recommend Sandra.

I’m a massage therapist myself and will only receive massage from someone I trust and who I know is highly skilled. Sandra is both and I’m very grateful for the beautiful space she holds, her professionalism, and deep care.

I leave feeling as though layers have fallen away.”

Emma Philander | Google Review


“I have seen Sandra a couple of times now and have been to her rooms in Clifton and Easton. The rooms are very clean and cozy. She is a very calm, authentic, and professional person.

The treatments had a great impact on my overall recovery from exercise and helped me to get rid of several long-lasting aches and pains in my lower back and shoulder.

Definitely recommended!!!”

Dirk Sondermann | Google Review


“If you visit Sandra, you benefit from her years of training and experience in reading the body. I first visited her in Hamilton House years ago, when I needed relief from back pain.

I play a lot of tennis but at 50+ need the hands-on mobility that a good massage can bring.

Sandra can release my neck and shoulders like no one else!

Claire Unwin | Google Review


“Best massage in a very long time. Sandra was excellent! very professional, calm, and attentive in a wonderful and relaxing atmosphere.

She ensured I was comfortable at all times, knew what my body and mind needed, and gave me huge relief for the tension I had in my hips and lower back.

I feel fantastic and looking forward to getting another one. I highly recommend her to anyone, thank you Sandra!”

María Mendez | Google Review


“Sandra is an amazing massage therapist. She is caring in her nature and practice and brings a level of intuition which is so valuable and beneficial for us as her clients. Highly, highly recommended!”

Jessica Jardine Crymble | Google Review


“Sandra is a really good professional. I´m impressed by the sensitivity in her hands… I highly recommend her work.”

Isaura Mañoso Pérez | Google Review


“Great sessions with Sandra, really effective and relaxing. Great results. Must catch up with them again soon. Thanks so much!!!”

Angel Garcia | Google Review


“Thoroughly enjoyed my first-ever deep tissue massage with Sandra. She is incredibly professional and has a real intuition when she knows how to relieve muscle tension, as she did with me. She is a very nurturing practitioner and I felt very safe, relaxed and peaceful having my massage and afterwards. I would love to definitely book in again. Highly recommended. Thank you so much Sandra.”

Fátima García | Google Review


“I’ve been visiting Sandra for body therapy now for over 10 years. She has played an integral part in helping me to recover from injuries on numerous occasions.

Sandra’s practice is continually evolving, on every new occasion that I visit it seems she has acquired additional skills.

I like Sandra because she really listens to you, she puts you first. It never feels like she is rushing and the massage flows very naturally. You can really feel the positive energy when she works and I always come out feeling relaxed and like I’ve been put back together!

I would definitely recommend Sandra (I actually already recommend her to friends). I can’t wait for my next visit!”

Caeden | Google Review


“I have had a few deep tissue massages with Sandra and have always left feeling deeply relaxed and good in my body. She will listen to your needs, be present with you, and focus on areas of tension. I would recommend.”

Maya | Google Review


“Thanks for great massage, which gives both emotional and physical release. I highly recommend the power and sensitivity of touch which Sandra offers.”

Janet Brandling | Google Review


“Absolutely fantastic. Running around making films is not good for physiology but Sandra sorts me out every time. She doesn’t make false promises, is really clear about your needs, and then works wonders!”

Sambiki Saru Film | Google Review


“I have had a number of massages from Sandra and have found them to be wonderfully relaxing (I may have actually drifted off in one!).

I felt very nurtured and cared for, and totally at the centre of her attention. Highly recommended.”

Tori Sutton | Google Review


“I have been to see a Sandra Alonso on a number of occasions to relieve lower back pain and to improve my posture and help relax. Sandra has the natural intuition for being able to apply the exact pressure needed to relieve muscle strain and tension.

With my lower back being a lot more sensitive to pressure and movement, I was always glad to be in Sandra’s hands, as she was able to relieve tension using the perfect amount of pressure and using correct techniques.

I can highly recommend Sandra Alonso and will be keeping her details on me for the future when I need to see a very professional massage therapist again.”

M | Google Review


“Really great massage. Good attention to the areas I wanted to focus on, and overall left me feeling fully relaxed.”

James Dunn | Google Review


“Sandra is an excellent massage therapist and has huge experience in a wide range of styles and techniques.

As a massage therapist myself she is my go-to for a satisfying and healing treatment!”

Rustley Rascals | Facebook Review


“Fantastic intuitive massages every time. Thank you!”

Bee Taylor | Facebook Review


“Had the most wonderful massage with Sandra Alonso.  Highly highly recommended. Not only is she totally in tune with what your body needs but she makes you feel totally relaxed and at ease. Will definitely be going back for more sessions as I become more aware of my mind and my body and what they both need.”

Alexandra Lawrence | Facebook Review


“Sandra came to my house to give my friends and me massages and it was amazing! Very professional and relaxing! I fell sleep and woke up completely renovated and with a new back!
I definitely recommend her for any kind of treatment and will be using her again! Peace!”

Inma Azorin Mua | Facebook Review


“Fixed my back in one session, great friendly service, five star!!”

Simon Francis Thomas | Facebook Review


“Sandra just connected with my aching body and did exactly what it needed. Felt totally comfortable and actually got right to the problem, which others have not. So relieved, thank you!”

Tim Godfrey | Facebook Review


“I recently went to see Sandra as part of my recovery after breaking my wrist badly last year. She was able to work on the tendons which has now given me the extra bit of flex in it that I needed to work on more strength for it with yoga. Thanks Sandra!”

Tom Knobby Varden | Facebook Review


“I’ve been floating on a sea of calm vibes since my massage from you, it was, without doubt, the best massage I have ever had. I love massage, and you got the right combination of pressure and speed instantly. I can’t wait till I can book another!”

Holly Solo-Hawthorn | Mailbox Review


“Please don’t let COVID19 put you off having a massage!! Sandra has taken lots of care in making a safe but also very relaxing environment. I had a lovely massage and felt nourished afterwards. I really recommend giving yourself some TLC in this stressful world right now!”

Holly McKeon | Mailbox Review


“Massage from Sandra is sensitive, grounded, and most importantly helps my body let go and my mind relax. What a great practitioner! Thanks Sandra.”

Jeremy Dymond | Mailbox Review


“Sandra is a wonderful therapist. She gives a wonderfully relaxing and healing massage. I always left with a big smile of joy and peace and my body felt so much better for the work that she did on it. Thank you Sandra!”

Mark Dunn | Mailbox Review


“I have been attending Sandra’s massage therapy sessions for a couple of years now. I chose to go back to her over many other massage therapists because she took the time to ask and understand my body and the reasons why I needed a particular type of massage at a certain time, every time, and she continues to do so. She is thorough and insightful and most importantly, she always does the right thing and achieves what I expect from the session, which is to liberate my back and shoulders of many aches and pains in a super relaxing atmosphere. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sandra to anyone I care for.”

Ana Cerrato | Mailbox Review


“Sandra has given me several massages. I always feel completely relaxed with her and I know I’m in safe hands. She has a very gentle and kind approach and can cater for any needs whether you like a gentle or a stronger touch. She’s warm yet professional and always reliable. I always try to get Sandra as my therapist when I run a retreat as she’s consistently popular with clients.”

Morven Hamilton | Mailbox Review


“Sandra creates a safe, welcoming space for you to feel nurtured & cared for. The massage was utter bliss & the benefits immediate, I was relaxed & had a restful night’s sleep. I would highly recommend a massage by Sandra, most definitely.”

Ceri Evans | Mailbox Review


“Sandra is a naturally gifted therapist. I used to visit her once a fortnight when I lived in Bristol as she always found the areas I needed working on and found a creative solution to deal with them! Since moving to Surrey, I have been missing her treatments! Wish you all the best for the future and thanks for all your work.”

Rebecca Taylor | Mailbox Review


“Being a fellow therapist, I can rely on Sandra to deliver a professional treatment. She has the knack of finding the problem area and working her special magic leaving me feeling revitalised and peaceful. Well done!”

Sarah Allen | Mailbox Review


“Sandra, thank you so much for a wonderful experience…The hour flew by – I hadn’t felt so relaxed in years! You are very talented and managed to strike just the right balance between strength and tenderness. By the end of the session, I felt completely refreshed. Would recommend this to anyone.”

Valera C. | Mailbox Review

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