What can I expect from a session

The start of your massage session

During your first appointment, we will go through a confidential and private consultation to establish relevant information about you and your life so we can decide the best treatment. The conversation will give me insight into any areas that may need particular attention, as well as how you are feeling and what you want from your massage; each treatment is different. It also provides an opportunity for you to ask questions.

On following appointments we will always have a brief update to know if anything has changed and agree the treatment for the session.

Please try to arrive five minutes before your appointment is due to start. To gain the maximum benefit of the treatment refrain from the consumption of alcohol and eat lightly before your massage.

During your treatment

I value your feedback during the session; you are welcome to simply let go and receive the massage we agreed or you can be actively engaged and share parts of your experience guiding me in the massage process.

As the massage progresses, I will check in with you if you need more or less pressure or you are too cold or too hot. Blankets and cushions are always available.

The end of your session

Once you have had time to gently get up from the couch, dress and have a drink of water, there will be time to discuss the session if necessary. We can talk through any aftercare that might be useful to maximise and maintain the benefits of the massage, and we can point out areas we might want to explore or work on in future treatments.

It is advisable to drink plenty of water afterwards to help flush down any toxins which may have been released from the muscles into the circulatory system during the session. If possible, avoid rushing around too much.

How many sessions

The number of treatments needed will vary as everyone is different.

After a session there is a short period of adjustment as part of the healing process. Sometimes clients notice improvement after only one or two sessions and some need support for longer to get back to a place where they are feeling well. Many return when they experience challenges or pain resurface while others come back periodically to help maintain health and well-being.

On your first visit depending on your aims and treatment reasons together we can agree a treatment plan.

In some cases weekly massage may be needed for a while. Once your body starts to heal, regular monthly treatments will help prevent painful areas flaring up again.

Clothing and privacy

I will ask you to undress just as far as you feel comfortable and will leave you in privacy to do so. You can choose to undress fully, or keep your underwear, or more clothing, on. The choice is yours.

Once on the massage couch you will be covered with a cotton sheet throughout the treatment, and I will only uncover the part of you that I am about to work on at that time, making sure that you are comfortable.

We can work with oil on skin or through clothes or sheet, as necessary. Seated massage is also an option if you are more comfortable that way. Let the treatment begin!


Treatment is not advisable under some medical conditions. If in doubt, please consult your GP or call me before your session to discuss any existing medical conditions.

If you are pregnant or are undergoing medical treatment, please mention this at the time of booking.


All information you tell me is strictly confidential, solely used for the purpose of customizing your treatment.


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