Covid Specific

Before booking an appointment

I’ll send you the Covid-19- specific consent form. I have made a version on Word which you can fill in and email back to me. Or I’ve made a Google form version which can be completed online. I’m also very happy to go through the form over the phone with you. Please give me a message and we can arrange a time for this. Once your form is completed and sent back to me we can book your appointment in. To confirm the appointment I usually take payment in advance via bank transfer.


What to bring on the day of the appointment

Please remember to bring your own mask, water bottle and a drape (this could be a warm sheet, body sharon, large towel, etc). You are also welcome to bring a blanket for warmth if you think you may need it.


On the day of the appointment

Are you feeling well? Have you got a high temperature, persistent cough, shortness of breath or any other Covid-19 Symptom? If you’re not well please give me a text or email immediately and we can reschedule when you are better.  Remember to bring your mask with you, some water to rehydrate after the session and your own drape and blanket for warmth.


Arriving at the Massage Space

I’ll text you ‘ready’ and meet you at the entrance of BCMB. I will open the door  so you won’t have to touch anything. I will ask you to remove your shoes and leave them at the entrance at the designated place. If possible please use the bathroom before you come. We will walk to the Orange room.  Here we will both sanitise our hands and will sit in for a quick chat and check in, talk through how you are feeling and area you’d like worked on the day. There will be a chair for you to pop all your clothes and belongings on. I’ll leave you to get changed and onto the couch as usual.


During the treatment

I’ll ‘knock’ on the door and you’ll let me know that you are ready for me to come in. As usual I’ll check in for pressure and you are always welcome to ask for more or less pressure or express anything you are feeling. As the room is more enclosed, it has been advised that talking is kept to a minimum. I’d like to think of this in a way where you can have some time for yourself and relax in stillness . We can have our usual catch up chat when we finish the session and we can keep some distance.


After the treatment

I’ll signal to you when the treatment has ended and will step outside the room to let you get changed. We can talk through any aftercare and book in our next appointment. I’ll walk you to the back exit door.




Why are you wearing so much PPE and have lots of procedures in place?

I’d love to keep you as safe as possible. Our professional association is advising we do the maximum rather than the minimum to keep clients as safe as possible.

We are also doing this for the possibility that if there is a second wave we can prove as a massage community we have been following PPE and cleaning procedures to a very high standard, that we may be able to work throughout the second wave rather than have to stop work again. As an industry, the massage professional bodies are pushing to be treated like health care, rather than a non-necessity.



I won’t be increasing my prices, it remains £50 per 60 minutes session.  And £75 for 90 minutes session.

To confirm your appointment I take payment by bank transfer in advance or if you have a gift voucher let me know at time of booking. Payment in advance can be in full or a minimum of £15. Please give me 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule the appointment.

A minimum £15 payment is required when booking to secure your appointment. This is  a non-refundable fee if you cancel with less than 48 hour notice.

If you usually bring cash to the session- please bring the correct amount. I will have also a card reader available.


Rescheduling Policy

I maintain a 48 hours rescheduling and cancellation policy to be fully refunded. As a small business, I really appreciate the minimum 48 hour cancellation notice, as it gives me the opportunity to fill this space. This being said, I really encourage and support you to be vigilant with your health during this pandemic. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment  please let me know immediately and you will easily be able to reschedule.

Due to the current circumstances if you or anyone in your household is showing any symptoms of Covid-19 and you have to make a last minute cancellation I will be flexible and keep the cancellation fee to the minimum of £15 to cover room costs. Thank you for your understanding.


Where are you working?

I’ll be starting a phased return to work from BCMB (Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork) on Wednesdays from 3pm. Suggested slots available for hour treatments 3pm, 4:30pm, 6pm, 7:30pm. I will need to adapt timings if I get a 90 minute treatment in between.


What PPE will you be wearing?

For best practice, I will be wearing facemask, visor, gloves and apron (or will change my clothes between clients ). Gloves might seem a strange one, but it’s what we are currently advised to wear and feels very similar to skin to skin contact when oil is used.


What length of treatment can I book in for?

You can book a 60 or 90 minute session.


Should I bring a mask?

Yes please bring a mask with you.  I will have some with me for sale in case you forget. Clients will have to wear a mask during the treatment.


I’ve filled out that long form. Do I have to fill something out every time I come for a massage?

I’ll get verbal or message/email consent from you that you are fine for a treatment, I will email or text you the day before checking you are feeling well and confirming our time.


I’ve heard some people talk about taking my temperature?

I will be taking my temperature and recording it every day. If you have a thermometer I’d encourage you to take yours, especially on the day of your appointment. If your temperature is above 37.8 degrees Celsius please get in touch and let me know. I will be also taking your temperature on arrival.


Are you taking on new clients?

I’ll first be prioritising all my wonderful clients who been waiting to book in for months. I will be taking new clients on in the next few weeks, we may do the consultation via telephone.


Will you be offering water at the end of the session?

At the moment I won’t be offering water at the end of the session, please do bring your own in a bottle to have at the end of the session or on your way home as massage can be dehydrating and I really encourage drinking lots of water!


Can I use your toilet?

If possible please use facilities before you arrive to the session, but of course, if you do need to go you will be able to use the toilet next to the kitchen.


What advice have you been following?

I’ve had incredible support from the MTI and GCMT- makes me proud to be part of this professional body. They’ve been lobbying the government to get us seen as part of health care and raising the standards of massage therapy across the UK.

I have been also attending monthly mentoring supervision.


What’s your address?

Lower Ground Floor
109 Pembroke Road


Finding BCMB

When you arrive at the venue, the entrance is on Guthrie Road. Through the entrance, please follow the gravel footpath to the right of the main entrance. Stairs lead down the side of the building, to the entrance of the college.

By Car –The roads surrounding the college are restricted to permit holders or pay & display.  You can come into the college to collect one of our 3 permits or pay at a meter which costs £1 per hour for a maximum stay 5 hours.

By Bus – The number 8 and 9 Firstbus bus services run from the city centre through Clifton with a bus stop right outside the building on Pembroke Road.  From North Bristol, the number 505 Wessex service runs from Southmead Hospital through Horfield and Henleaze, and stops at Bristol Zoo which is a 5 min walk away.

By Bicycle – There are railings on site for you to securely lock your bike to.


Test and Trace app

If you have to provide details of contacts to test and trace (or equivalent), please categorise the massage therapist contact as ‘healthcare’ and not a ‘general’ contact.


Thank you for reading all this information. I realise it can all sound quite formal, I’ve taken guidance from my professional association to keep you as safe as possible. I’m really excited to be back massaging you again. Any questions or comment please do get in touch.

Best wishes,


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